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Lower Kolob Plateau

Pine Valley Peak and Hoodoos - Zion National Park

The Kolob Terrace is located west of Zion Canyon, and can be accessed from the town of Virgin. Shortly after you enter the park you'll reach the Lower Kolob Plateau, and be greeted with views of Smith Mesa, and the Great West Canyon. Continuing north you'll see Lambs Knoll, Tabernacle Dome, and a long wall lined with hoodoos that leads to Cave Knoll, and Spendlove Knoll.

Upper Kolob Plateau

Jobs Head - Zion National Park

As you continue north on the Kolob Terrace Road you'll eventually pass Firepit Knoll. At this point your view of the Upper Kolob Plateau begins to open up. To the north you'll be able to see Jobs Head, and to the south Pine Valley Peak. Further ahead you'll see the Northgate Peaks, and North Guardian Angel. Eventually the road will pass Pocket Mesa, climb to the top of the plateau, and exit the park towards Kolob Reservoir.

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