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Court of the Patriarchs

Abraham and Isaac at the Court of The Patriarchs - Zion National Park

A Methodist minister named many of the features in Zion during his visit in 1916. He named three peaks at the Court of the Patriarchs after figures from the Old Testament; Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Mount Moroni sits in front of Jacob, and is named after the Book of Mormon prophet that appeared to Joseph Smith.

Deertrap Mountain

The View From Deertrap Mountain - Zion National Park

Deertrap Mountain features beautiful views of the Twin Brothers, the Mountain of the Sun, the Court of the Patriarchs, and the Emerald Pools area. Another viewpoint offers all of the above, plus a beautiful view of Angels Landing, The Great White Throne, and the Temple of Sinawava. Deertrap Mountain can be reached via the East Rim Trail, it's an ideal destination if you're looking to escape from the masses.

Emerald Pools

Waterfalls at the Emerald Pools - Zion National Park

This is one of the most popular stops in the park. Water rushes through Heaps Canyon and off a plateau into the upper pools. From here the water flows down into the middle pools, where it falls yet again into the lower pools. The Kayenta Trail, which begins at the Grotto, is a beautiful alternative to the more traditional approaches which begin at the lodge.

The Great White Throne

The Great White Throne - Zion National Park

Frederick Fisher is credited with naming the Great White Throne, it's believed to be the largest sandstone monolith in existence. It rises nearly 2,500 feet above the canyon floor. It towers over Weeping Rock, Angels Landing, and Big Bend.

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