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The Grotto

A Waterfall at The Grotto - Zion National Park

When the road through Zion Canyon was first constructed, it used to end here. The Grotto was home to the north campground, and the parks first Visitor Center. Those visiting The Grotto should not expect to find a cave, as it collapsed some time ago. Instead you'll find a charming little picnic area, and the trailhead to Angels Landing. You can also find the Kayenta trail here, it's a wonderful way approach the Emerald Pools.

Lady Mountain

Lady Mountain - Zion National Park

Lady Mountain, once known as Mount Zion, is located directly across from the Zion Lodge. One section of the peak, which overlooks the Emerald Pools area, is said to resemble the face of a woman. The park used to maintain a trail to the top of Lady Mountain, but an increasing number of deaths, injuries, and difficult rescues eventually led to its closure in 1978.

Menu Falls

Menu Falls - Zion National Park

This small waterfall is located between the Temple of Sinawava and Big Bend, along the eastern wall of Zion Canyon. From the Temple of Sinawava you can travel south along a little dirt trail that follows the eastern edge of the river. After the trail intersects the road, you'll be able to see the pullout that's across from the falls. A wooden walkway has been constructed to help people enjoy the falls without trampling on the foliage. Very few people visit the falls while the shuttle is running, so it's a good place to get away from the crowds.

Riverside Walk

The Virgin River along the Riverside Walk - Zion National Park

The Riverside Walk is a short trail that follows the river up towards the Narrows. It offers hanging gardens and desert swamps, as well as a variety of wildlife. There are several points along the trail where you can access the river. The Riverside Walk is one of the best places in the park to observe fall color, and in the spring you'll see plenty of wildflowers. This may be the most frequented trail in the park.

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