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Angels Landing

Angels Landing and Observation Point - Zion National Park

In 1916 when he first saw this incredible landmark, Frederick Fisher believed that only an angel could land on its summit. Thanks to the efforts of the NPS, we mere mortals can also enjoy the view from the top. Angels Landing boasts a number of beautiful vistas, but getting there can be a little tricky. The final portions of the trail are narrow and exposed, although the park does provide a chain that you can hold onto. If you're afraid of heights, or otherwise unable to make it to the top, you can always stop at Scouts Lookout and enjoy the...

Big Bend

The Virgin River at Big Bend - Zion National Park

Big Bend is an area where the Virgin River has folded the canyon wall into a large s-shaped curve. From the northern part of the bend you see the top of the Great White Throne as it peeks out over the saddle between the Organ and Angel's Landing. Big Bend also offers dramatic views of Observation Point, Cable Mountain, and several other formations.

Cable Mountain

Cable Works on Cable Mountain - Zion National Park

Cable Mountain is named for the historic draw works that can be found on its summit. In 1901, David Flanigan built a cable works here to quickly move lumber from the East Rim to the floor of Zion Canyon. The cable could lower lumber in two minutes, saving many days of travel by wagon over rough roads. From 1904 to 1907, Flanigan ran a steam-powered sawmill at nearby Stave Springs, sending his milled lumber and shingles down the 2,000 foot cable. The draw works burned in 1911, after being struck by lightning. A second fire destroyed the...

Canyon Junction

Mount Spry and The East Temple - Zion National Park

This junction marks the entrance to the Zion Canyon Scenic Drive, and the Zion Mount Carmel Highway. In addition to being a gateway to the two most popular areas of the park, the Canyon Junction also offers beautiful views of Mount Spry, The East Temple, The Great Arch, and The Watchman.

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